Sunday, September 26, 2010

14 months post-op

Hey everyone,

I wanted to post one (more) last update. My bite on the sides has pretty much come into place finally. It only took 14 months post-op, and 7 months after my braces came off :) I did need the wire on my retainer adjusted once to let a couple of my front teeth move out a little, and wearing my retainer less also helped.

My bite finally feels totally comfortable with no hitting in the front. I seem to have remastered speech as well. I think the tiny changes in my bite while the sides were coming into place were making it hard for me to accurately get my tongue and jaw in the correct position for good pronunciation. I also had some issues with my jaw randomly snapping shut in the middle of a word. This may have been related to a med that I'm on that can make my jaw muscles clench.

I thought this might be encouraging info for anyone still experiencing similar problems.

Good luck to all!

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